The microbrewery.

The Microbrasserie du Lièvre, located in Mont-Laurier, was founded by the Sabourin family on the verge of the new millenium. The first idea was to create a tourist attraction in their motel, Le Riverain. After a while, the idea grew as it became easier to get all the permits to sell the beer in the pub, the supermarkets and others stores of the region.

Jonathan Sabourin, the master brewer, has conceived his different beers by finding a perfect balance between the level of biterness and a smooth after-taste. In 1999, the Upper Laurentians region didnít have a lot of consummers that where into these kinds of products. Thatís why all of our beers are so smooth. But smooth doesnít mean without taste!

Today, we offer 20 beers that you can find all over the province of Québec divided in 4 range of products (Classic, Seasonnal, Hunting and fishing and Memento). Other beers are bond to come out. We are working hard at the moment to offer other original and great tasting new beers.

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