Our beers.

hopsAll of our beers are High fementation ales, naturally brewed with passion and a great sense of pride. Our goal is to brew original and good tasting beers. We only use the best available products on the market to ensure a great quality over time.

Our beers are avilable in 341 mL and 1 Litre bottles and also in kegs. Feel free to check out our beer descriptions and the closest point of purchase to try our beers if you didn't do it yet.

The brewing in done by:

Bruno Ouellette
Brew master

Memento Serie - 750ml

Sentier perdu

Memory is a faculty that forgets! That's why we created the Memento Serie, to remind us every anniversary of the microbrewery. This serie of celebratory beers is a thank you, but also an opportunity to offer you the fruit of our amnesia in every bottle! The idea of ​​this beer came from the many trails that plow our forests, fun to explore, far from the city, far from everyday life, to find oneself in a lost path. Inspired by the New England IPA, this veiled beer with golden highlights and creamy head offers aromas of grapefruit, tropical fruit and resinous hops. On the palate, the complexity and bitterness of floral hops with hints of tropical fruit and citrus are accentuated over the sips, to leave a dry and floral finish with a hint of tangerine.

Classic Serie - 341ml

Perdrix Blanche

This Belgian inspiration wheat beer on lees and its straw yellow veil, offers aromas of orange peel and coriander on a fleeting white head. From the addition of orange peel and coriander, emerges a nice puff of fresh oranges and a refreshing sourness. The Belgian yeast adds to the complexity of this fruity beer. Perfect for an aperitif, a brunch or a beautiful summer day, it will quench your thirst during the hot summer days.


Of beautiful blonde and limpid color with a white light head, the Montoise is a smooth beer that will delight all palates. There are aromas of slightly sweet malts with a hint of cereals and spices. The gentle bitterness and its low alcohol level make it a nice beer for all occasions.


A beer brewed with organic honey from Miels d'Anicet. It offers clear golden highlights and a creamy white foam. Scents of banana, dried fruits and spices will make their way to you. On the palate, the Belgian yeast presents itself and then gives way to the balance of the malt and the spices. Notes of coriander, anise and clove followed by a silky and refreshing finish, giving it a pleasant roundness on a hint of honey, hops and dried banana.

Ginger Beer

Blonde beer with golden reflections, this beer is brewed with roots of fresh ginger. In the nose, ginger and a mixture of spices are perceptible. To the taste, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon with a slight aftertaste of clove dominate and makes it a refreshing beer The mix of spices offers a beautiful complexity that will want you to taste this beer again and again. It pairs perfectly with sushi or Thai and Vietnamese dishes. At brunch, surprise your guests by offering them a mimosa made with this beer. It is also excellent when integrated with your salad dressings and Asian dishes.

El Lapino

Lovers of hot peppers, hello! You have just discovered a beer for you. This beer has a chlorophyll side when newly bottled. Afterwards, it develops its spicy side by the presence of the jalapeno pepper that is found in each bottle. Lovers of pungent, spicy sensations will appreciate the taste of this unique beer.


Slightly ambered red beer with caramel reflections with a head of a light beige, our Frousse is a classic interpretation of its style. Aromas of caramel malt, toffee and English hops are perceived. Subtle in all its perceptions, it offers a balance between its caramelized malts, the sugar of the barley and its delicate bitterness which make it a pleasant beer to drink.

IPA du Lièvre

The IPA du Lièvre is similar to the IPA’s found in the United States. Extreme in style, the brewer has not skimped on the amount of hops put in the tuns. An amber beer with a beige head, it reveals aromas of grapefruit, lemon, floral notes and exotic fruits. The freshness of the hops reminds us of the citrus with a bit of resinous English bitterness with some herbaceous touches. In the final, everything gives way to the caramelized malt to balance this IPA..

Brune au Miel

A brown beer with burgundy reflections topped with a beige caramel head, it offers aromas of roasted barley, clover honey, candy sugar and hazelnuts. This beer is at first subtle and then evolutive in the perception of its flavors. Hints of sugar, honey and hazelnuts are followed by notes of licorice that fade with the bitterness that comes from roasted grains. The addition of a generous dose of clover honey leaves a beautiful floral tinge that gives a round and smooth finish. A slight roast taste persists.

Lièvre de nuit

A dark stout with an enduring cappuccino head, this oatmeal stout offers aromas of coffee, chocolate and toasted bread. To the taste, black malt dominates to give place to the more delicate aromas of chocolate and roasted beans. This beer will enchant the coffee lover in you. Well balanced by its bitterness, its sweet side and its roasted taste, its roundness in the mouth is creamy and will last for a long time.

Classic Serie - 750ml


The Phénix is a red smoked lager brewed to highlight the rebirth of the Microbrasserie du Lièvre having burned down on January 18, 2013. This beer will certainly please fans of scotch. One smells the peat, the caramelized malt and a well balanced dose of smoke. Its first tastes remain mainly malted with a touch of sweet, but are soon followed by a beautiful presence of smoke, very similar to the taste found in scotchs (peat). It offers a discrete bitterness that will seduce you.

IPA Impériale

An amber beer with coppery reflections and a rich, abundant beige head. It reveals grapefruit, lemon and tangerine. In the mouth, the intense malt releases a warm alcohol with a resinous bitterness, that is also fruity, lemony and slightly herbaceous. In the end, it offers a nice balance with alcohol.

El Diablo

Full scent of alcohol and butterscotch mixed with some pleasant aromas of fresh wood and vanilla from the oak barrels. Its taste is enjoyable, round and balanced. The herbaceous freshness of our well chosen hops complements the wood aromas, giving it a slightly bitter finish that does not overwhelm the persisting vanilla, whiskey and oak aromas. Share it on cooler evenings or around the fire, this beer that will cast a spell on you...

Seasonal Serie - 750ml


Originally brewed for the Memento series to celebrate our 15th anniversary (which was our 16th in reality, we had an impediment at the time!), here it is again on a seasonal basis. L’Empêchement is a sour blond beer with a nose of peach and candies. Your taste buds will feel an amalgam of sweet and sour, from the wild yeasts used in harmony. The acidity is immediately present, followed by the aromas of peach, pineapple and mango. It’s a beer to share for aperitif or to combine with fruity and light desserts.

Blanche aux bleuets sauvages

A wheat beer brewed with a generous portion of wild blueberries selected by hand, it displays purplish colors covered with a veil. In the nose, the wild fruit takes its place and harmonizes with the wheat malt softening the sweetness of the fruit. A subtle flavor of lavender accompanies the blueberry to offer a sweet and slightly acid feel in the final. You will also discover a light bitterness that leaves a very pleasant sensation of freshness.

Carotte du Lièvre

A blond beer with light orange hues and a white creamy head, it offers aromas of carrots, spices and cereals. In the mouth, a balance between the residual sugar of the carrots and the malt is harmonized. Notes of hops accentuate the garden carrot flavor with a creamy and refreshing finish giving it a pleasant roundness.


The Incantation is an opaque black beer. Once poured, scents of wild red berries such as cherries and morello cherries, then those of dark chocolate and mocha coffee bewitch any beings who dare venture there. While your eyes are charmed by a dense black beer, your lips undergo the subtleties of enchantment. When drinking it, you will discover roasted beans as well as a slight acidity accentuated by cherry tastes. The roundness of the residual sugar, the bitterness as well as the warmth of the alcohol come balance the end.

Gamme Chasse et Pêche (Hunting & Fishing Serie) - 750ml


Inspired by our fishing trips and an ancient fishing technique, this dry hopped Pilsner with its light highlights offers aromas of lemon, citrus and fresh hops. On the palate, light malt gives way to lemony scents, citrus and dill. The finish offers a light and delicate taste of pink pepper. The freshness of hops and citrus brings a subtle acidity.


This brown beer reveals a burgundy glow that is covered with a beige head when poured. On the nose you will find notes of roasted malts, hazelnuts and whiskey. On the palate, roasted malt, grilled almond and slightly spicy bitterness will echo the alcohol that stretches out on a slight acidity.

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